Breakaway Simple


Taking the pratical approach to medical device product development

Why Breakaway Simple?

Breakaway….to move away or escape suddenly.  Simple….not involved or complicated.

So why did we decide to name our new blog Breakaway Simple…because we want you or your company to move away from the rest of pack and to learn to do it in an uncomplicated way. We work in the regulated field of medical devices, biologics and pharmaceuticals. Areas that are not likely related with either the words quick or simple, but we believe and have learned through many years of working with startups in this area that it can be done and with very successful results. We hope through this blog to help you through the areas that are often are roadblocks to success and compliance in the regulated medical industry.

You will likely see snippets from our life interwoven as well. We both apply Breakaway Simple to our lives as well. In addition to being busy medical development consultants, we are moms and have many hobbies/interests that help to keep us overly busy. When you are this busy…simple is the only way. I also like to think that we are also breakaway people by nature. We both started our businesses young and have excelled in that area. You will see that we have unique opinions on things (which don’t always agree). We hope that our lives and business experiences are both interesting and helpful to you.

This blog will likely evolve over time. We haven’t done this before. Feel free to let us know what you think and please let us know topics areas that you are interested in. We are looking forward to this new adventure.

So…breakaway from the pack and set yourself apart!


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